one of the biggest

vehicle body manufacturers

in Indonesia

Occupied a simple workshop in 1985,

we built and introduced the first product

Industry’s needs escalated

with a rapid development rates

We answered and continues

to develop car body technology...

We continually improves the quality of our employees

through internal training & training agency

Technology & product development has been used as

a guide, inspiration & basis to develop our products

After more than a quarter of a century...

We continuously provides

services & networks...

...that will reach all consumers in Indonesia

PT. Antika Raya
PT. Antika Sanjaya
PT. Antikaraya
Niaganusa (Jakarta)
PT. Alfaraya Mitraniaga
PT. Bintang Makassar Raya
PT. Antika Dewata Perkasa
CV. Antika Bengawan
Perkasa (Solo)

Our Network

PT. Antikaraya Niaganusa

Began with an idea and a brilliant way of thinking to take advantage of business opportunities in trade by making products that support commercial vehicle, PT. Antikaraya Niaganusa (ARN) started its business journey in car body manufacture with commercial vehicle cargo box as a primary product that support trade and industry sector.


Aluminium Box | Aerial Platform | Steel Box | Fire Fighting

Our products are designed to suit customer’s particular need in variety of choices tailored to customer needs such as; goods transporter in various dimensions, models, purposes, etc.


Surabaya, Semarang, Jakarta, Bandung, Makassar, Denpasar and Solo